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Case Study

SkyCreek Helps Fortune 100 Company Charter Communications Improve Customer Satisfaction and Efficiency

Summary ABOUT THE COMPANY: Charter Communications, branded as “Spectrum” is an American Fortune 100 telecommunications and mass media company that provides mobile, cable TV, internet and landline services in the United States. It is the [...]

A Leading Natural Gas Company Uses SkyCreek’s eContact Platform to Vastly Improve Operations and Overall Customer Experience

Summary ABOUT THE COMPANY: With a history dating back to the mid-1800s and a track record of serving nine out of ten new homes in its local territory, the Mid-Atlantic public utility Washington Gas provides [...]

Florida Cancer Specialists Improves Patient Communication Using SkyCreek Solutions

Summary ABOUT THE COMPANY: FCS is a billion-dollar healthcare organization committed to providing world-class cancer care in community-based settings. It has over 250 physicians, 220 nurse practitioners and almost 100 clinical sites in its network. [...]

Global tax preparer improves customer support and reduces overhead with SkyCreek.

Summary ABOUT THE COMPANY: “FinCo” is a major American tax and financial services company that provides services globally. They prepare millions of tax returns to meet customer needs. Challenge: Tax season means substantially increased customer [...]

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