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For the first time, utility companies are facing unprecedented competition. Consumers have greater access to provider options than ever before, and not only do they expect more cost-effective flexibility, but they also expect exceptional service delivery as well.
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The SkyCreek Platform specialized solution assures that customers’ utility needs and concerns are more easily resolved—while customized analytics ultimately enhance the customer relationship, helping providers further improve service through process efficiencies.
Consumer expectations that drive trends in utilities and power:
Low-cost energy storage
Renewable energy
Sharing of community-owned renewable energy sources
To comply with demands and trends, utility companies require seamless contact solutions that scale easily, and assure a customer service experience that is exceptional.
How does the utility customer experience thrive with the SkyCreek Platform?
  • Targeted, timely appointment reminders and outage updates that reduce customer effort, as well as CGAs (Cannot Gain Access) and cancellations—resulting in substantial savings
  • An automated survey module, with proven CX (Customer Experience) metrics, that gauges Customer Effort and Overall Customer Satisfaction, with data collected within 1-3 days of field interaction.
  • Immediate field alerts for unresolved issues or dissatisfaction.
  • Proven analytics that result in process efficiencies and reduced waste.
The SkyCreek Platform is built for
utility sector success:
Strategic appointment reminders
Timely, automated follow-up surveys.
Immediate notification of potential issues or customer
VOC feedback (Voice of the Customer) that documents
technician performance.
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How did a leading natural gas company strengthen customer communications and service interactions while using proven analytics to empower their operations, lower costs, and raise the  customer experience bar to “exceptional?”
Improved operational efficiency
Increased customer satisfaction with appointment scheduling
Gained real-time customer insights through survey portal, including immediate notification of negative responses
Gained the ability to evaluate technician performance on key metrics collected by the survey.
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System Features
  • Enterprise-Grade Email
  • Fully Featured SMS/MMS
  • Omni-Channel Contact Strategies
  • Drag & Drop Campaign Designer
  • Outbound Calling Campaigns
  • Online/Email Surveys
  • SMS Surveys
  • IVR/Phone Surveys
  • Customer Survey Alerts
  • Detailed Analytics
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