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SkyCreek’s eContact solution empowers healthcare providers to improve day-to-day operations with transparent, timely communications that greatly reduce waste. Through SkyCreek’s highly specialized customer experience eContact platform, healthcare providers can measure staff performance, track the patient journey, and drive brand loyalty.

How does SkyCreek’s eContact platform create an outstanding customer experience in healthcare environments?

  • Robust patient solutions that improve appointment attendance and reduce no-shows and cancellations.
  • Better bottom-line accounting with reduced operating expenditures.
  • Insights into the patient or customer experience to identify compliance issues, opportunities for improvement, and increase satisfaction.

SkyCreek’s eContact solution is built for a thriving healthcare customer experience :

  • Appointment reminders
  • Follow-up surveys
  • Contact history and patterns
  • Communication preferences
  • Multi-channel experience
customer experience in healthcare: all in one cx platform

Inadequate patient communication is a critical problem, and poor-quality messaging can often be frustrating for patients. SkyCreek’s eContact platform helps healthcare providers improve patient retention and satisfaction by ensuring patients are receiving a seamless, and consistent experience across all communication channels.

Take advantage of our all-in-one, integrated solution that allows you to design and deploy campaigns (Campaign Manager), tailor and craft communications (Content Designer), gather customer input (Surveys) and measure and track performance and customer feedback (Analytics).

The result is personalized interactions that drive brand loyalty, while gaining operational efficiency and reducing costs.

How did the largest independent oncology and hematology practice in the United States improve its virtual patient communications to match the quality of its superior in-person care — while improving productivity and lowering costs?

● Improved appointment reminders system

● Implemented a patient-management system to enhance healthcare services

● Installed an emergency-notification module

● Customized and improved patient messaging


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