customer experience platform allows you to plan your communication strategy

You make the call

Decide the days, times, blackout dates, windows, and frequency in which you send your customer communications.

multi-channel marketing campaigns

You manage the method

Our customer experience platform allows you to choose the channels that best fit your communications needs – email, SMS, and IVR – personalized customer interaction.


You stop the clock

Pause, suspend, or cancel your customer engagement campaigns when issues arise.

Deploy tailored, multi-channel campaigns at the click of a button. We know tailoring your communications to your customer is key to brand loyalty. Our customer experience platform gives you personalized customer interactions when you need them, and easy templates when you don’t:

  • DEFINE input parameters, output fields, source of data, and post-campaign rules.
  • UTILIZE tried-and-true templates for customer interactions and pre-built extraction rules.
  • LOCATE customer status and channel preferences to ensure elevated service.
  • ROUTE customers where they need to go to ensure quick troubleshooting and reduce churn.
  • PRIORITIZE communications and queue placements based on importance and time sensitivity.
  • SURVEY customers to gain critical feedback and measure performance.
People engaging

Key Customer Engagement Features:

  • Contact strategies: Flexible, multichannel strategy for the most effective reach rate
  • Filters: Predefined rules and customization that pass validation criteria
  • Campaign wizard: Graphical User Interface (GUI) that’s easy and intuitive
  • Campaign types: Surveys, appointment reminders, message blasts, and more
  • Campaign prioritization: Organize customer communications based on importance and time sensitivity
  • Campaign throttling: Flexible restrictions of not-to-exceed volumes
  • Data sources: Send data through multiple sources – API, file-based, third-party tools, and more
  • Multi-language support: Communicate with customers’ chosen language and preference
  • URL shortening: Send SMS messages with shortened URLs and track their clicks
  • Campaign versioning: Manage deployment and campaigns in production
  • Channel determination: Ability to distinguish mobile vs. landline and switch to IVR if number is not mobile
  • Responsive templates: Designs that align to all devices and platforms
  • Webhook integration: Send statuses or lookup data using webhooks

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