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SkyCreek is located in the Dulles Technology Corridor in Herndon, VA. Our team of over 30 executives, engineers, and developers are experts in identifying operational inefficiencies within telecommunications, finance, and healthcare sectors, and creating the tools needed to streamline customer contact.

Since SkyCreek’s founding over 20 years ago, we have developed comprehensive solutions that give companies the power to optimize customer communications and interactions. Our game changing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technologies reduce clients’ reliance on external service providers. Thanks to our one-stop-shop platform that unifies contact channels and communications distribution, clients trust SkyCreek to scale to their needs and provide a reliable, tailored solution to improve the customer experience.

SkyCreek is a proud Twilio partner!

SkyCreek utilizes Twilio Programmable Messaging and Twilio SendGrid APIs to create scalable, multi-channel communications that are secure, flexible, and intuitive. Managing millions of interactions a month, SkyCreek and Twilio work together to ensure crucial communications are reaching customers when and where they need it most.


SkyCreek’s management team has been at the forefront of pioneering automated customer interaction technologies since the 1980s. Together, our leaders possess over 100 years of combined experience managing complex, high volume contact operations.

Jack Havas

Chief Executive Officer

Jack Havas has been involved in the executive management, business development, marketing and sales of software solutions serving the telecommunications sector for over 30 years.

  • Founded his own company, Call Technologies, in 1988 and grew it to be a leader in the open unified messaging market, eventually selling to 3Com Corporation in 2000.
  • Responsible for defining SkyCreek’s market vision.
  • Drives the company to deliver value to customers, 95%+ of whom retain SkyCreek year over year.

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Mark Wilburn

President & Chief Operating Officer

Mark brings more than 30 years of experience to SkyCreek. His experience and leadership have been focused on delivering technology-driven business services and solutions, providing outstanding client service, and driving profitable revenue growth.

  • Brings extensive telephony-specific domain experience.
  • Has a proven track record of understanding complex business problems, gathering system requirements, and delivering technologically advanced designs and systems.
  • Built SkyCreek into a highly responsive and innovative IT organization, adept at aligning technology initiatives with customer business goals.

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Anurag Agarwal

Chief Technology Officer

With two decades of experience at SkyCreek, Anurag has led the evolution of the company’s product from scratch to a full-featured multi-channel platform with self-service and integrated analytics. He currently leads SkyCreek’s technology strategy and product roadmap.

  • Key voice in developing the company’s overall strategy and entry into new markets.
  • Has extensive experience in IVR/VXML, SMS and email technologies and its nuances.
  • Previously worked with top-tier telephony product companies such as CTI, 3Com and UTStarcom innovating and developing telephony-specific automated service provisioning products.

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Joel Spiro

Senior Director of Operations

Joel Spiro brings over 15 years of advanced operations expertise to SkyCreek, driving the company forward by optimizing standard processes, and scaling process design.

  • Responsible for overseeing account managers, business analysts, client support operations, and quality assurance team members.
  • Collaborates with development, sales, and customer solutions to ensure campaign delivery and technical improvements meet and exceed client expectations.
  • Previously worked for Time Warner Cable and Charter for 13 years.

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Grant Yoder

Senior Director of Business Development

Grant Yoder has worked with software and digital products for over 25 years. As a business development lead at SkyCreek, he’s been instrumental in taking the new SaaS product, eContact, to market.

  • Responsible for all new business development and marketing efforts at SkyCreek.
  • Collaborates with SkyCreek’s technology and operations team to ensure eContact is meeting the needs and demands of the market.
  • Partners with the largest telecommunications companies and retailers to deliver game-changing omni-channel solutions for their customers.

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Neta Yoffe

Director of Marketing

As the head of marketing for SkyCreek, Neta Yoffe provides proven expertise in bringing new products to market while driving growth and market share. She has over 20 of years of marketing experience in the technology and software space.

  • Responsible for all marketing efforts including demand generation, content development, and brand awareness.
  • Collaborates with all members of SkyCreek to support product, engineering, sales, operations, and customer success.
  • Diverse background in digital media and SaaS companies across numerous industries; Brings a creative mindset to increase brand awareness and drive growth for the business.

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