Customer experience team

Customer Experience Team

  • Continuously improve the customer journey and measure satisfaction
  • Oversee design and operations team to ensure cohesion
  • Uphold the adherence to company and brand guidelines
  • Collaborate with various teams to promote successful customer operations

Customer Care Team

  • Enables agents to focus on ensuring smooth communications with customers
  • Handle day-to-day customer complaints in a centralized platform
  • Escalate customer issues to the appropriate senior professionals
  • Access specific communications with customers to ensure accurate troubleshooting
omnichannel communication platform supporting customer experience teams
Marketing team

Marketing Team

  • Measure the performance of campaigns and effectiveness of outreach
  • Ensure consistency and accuracy of all outbound communications
  • Approve design and copy style to maintain company standards across different communications channels
  • Create UI guidelines and templates to control company uniformity

Operations Team

  • Create distinct customer campaigns and manage their delivery
  • Supervise all inbound and outbound communications with customers
  • Monitor campaign execution and access various operational metrics
  • Escalate customer issues to the appropriate parties
Operations team
omnichannel communication platform connects the design team

Campaign and Content Design Team

  • Design attractive campaigns that meet aesthetic standards while supporting the operations team
  • Ensure consistency of customer information and adherence to company guidelines
  • Manage templates and call flows for customer communications
  • Integrate content from various departments into custom templates

C-Suite and Managerial Teams

  • Oversee and understand key operational results, including campaign performance and trend analysis
  • Access key channel and campaign insights to drive annual planning, budgeting, and allocation of resources
  • Isolate customer escalation experiences to adjust response and resolve practices
  • Track all company-wide service in an all-in-one platform
C-Suite team

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