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Pre-Dispatch Confirms/Cancels
Eliminate Dispatch Waste to Shorten Appointment Windows

SkyCreek’s custom, multi-channel (IVR, email, text) pre-dispatch customer confirmation solutions provide up-to-the-minute confirm/cancel statuses on upcoming customer appointments and allow service providers to increase the precision of dispatch functions and tighten appointment windows.

Why Care?

Large-scale field dispatch organizations are only as efficient as the accuracy of customer statuses they can attain prior to dispatch—in near perfect correlation. To eliminate additional waste, contain field service costs, and enhance brand reputation, service providers must improve their pre-dispatch customer contact processes.

Appointment reminders alone max out quickly in terms of their impact on no-show rates. Adding confirm, cancel, and transfer options often only get providers into the 60% dispatch accuracy range. To eliminate all “avoidable” wasted dispatches, service providers need more dynamic customer contact capabilities to:

  • Adjust contact strategies (channel, timing, sequence)
  • Tailor messages to current confirmation status and missed appointment history
  • Deliver more advanced appointment management policies

To stay competitive and increase cost efficiency, field service operators must also integrate their WFM and customer contact processes. This lets companies institute more cost-containing, advanced appointment management policies.

Key Points

  • Field service utilization correlates to the accuracy of customer confirmations attained prior to dispatch
  • One-sized fits all contact solutions quickly reach diminishing returns in their ability to contain customer no-shows
  • SkyCreek’s fully custom, professionally managed solutions move the needle for several large Fortune 500 MSOs

SkyCreek Solution: Pre-Dispatch Confirms & Cancels

SkyCreek pre-dispatch customer confirm/cancel solutions are fully integrated and customized to your WFM model. This lets you achieve more dynamic, coordinated, and intelligent customer appointment processing and avoid unnecessary dispatches. Our solutions manage over 1.5 million monthly field service dispatches for several of the largest field service operators in North America.


Our contact management platform, eContact, can dynamically adjust customer confirm/cancel strategies according to contact timing, contact channel, contact channel sequence, missed appointment history, current dispatch status, and other factors to minimize potential wasted dispatches.

We maintain real-time API integrations with Arris and Ventyx WFM Systems. Additionally, we offer IVR solutions offer the most sophisticated voicemail detection capabilities available, support any customized reporting requirement, and provide innovative web-based tools for coordinating manual follow-up and in-jeopardy based customer contact.

SkyCreek Advantages

  • Deep field service industry experience and best practices methodologies
  • Customized, multi-channel confirm/cancel appointment contact across IVR, SMS, and email channels
  • Real-time integration with Arris and Ventyx workforce management systems
  • Dynamic multi-channel contact and message sequencing based on customer’s current appointment confirmation status
  • Contact scalability to squeeze required volumes of appointment contact into the highest probability contact windows
  • Advanced voicemail detection capabilities to assure proper message delivery on answering services
  • Customizable, in-call CSR transfer and post-call delivery options
  • Contact throttling to dynamically adjust contact efforts to levels of available call center resources
  • Management of customer preferences to utilize best reminder contact channels by individual
  • Integrated multi-language IVR support
  • Geographic IVR calling distribution
  • Professional grade voice talent and cutting-edge text-to-speech calling options
  • Fully-redundant, SSAE-16 hosting infrastructure with data centers in Reston, Chicago, Dallas and San Diego
  • Dedicated account management to fine tune quality, timing, delivery, channel selection, and other variables critical to success

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