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Post- Interaction Employee Performance SurveysCertify the Quality & Consistency of Front-Line Customer Experiences

SkyCreek’s custom, multi-channel (IVR, SMS, and email) post-interaction employee performance survey solutions capture customer feedback immediately after interactions with front-line employees. This approach allows companies to promptly detect and resolve customer dissatisfaction all while enforcing greater quality and consistency of delivered customer experiences across the organization.

Why Care?

For service-centric businesses, front-line, customer-facing employees embody their brands. Customer satisfaction surveys alone don’t typically capture detailed employee performance and operational policies. Best practices can only set goals and target experience objectives. Businesses need enhanced ability to enforce individual employee accountability to customer experience standards.
Today’s companies need an efficient post-interaction survey program, which measures both structured and unstructured customer feedback, to:

  • Track, trend, and incentivize individual employee experience performance organization-wide
  • Detect more dissatisfying experiences earlier in the customer cycle
  • Prevent costly customer churn

With a strategic, data-driven approach, companies can increase service excellence and create more consistent customer experiences. Competitive companies must heighten customer service expectations and strive for stronger customer loyalty.

Key Points

  • Routinely assessing front-line employee customer interaction performance helps them better embody and reinforce your brand
  • Post-interaction surveys capture customers’ true reactions to the service experience they just received
  • SkyCreek’s post-interaction survey solutions analyze employee performance for several nation-wide brands

Post-Interaction Employee Performance Surveys

SkyCreek post-interaction employee performance surveys can help you deliver optimum customer experiences through full integration with and customization to your front-line customer operations. Our surveys offer centralized administration, reporting and enforcement of employee experience performance no matter the scale. We manage post-interaction employee performance surveys for some of the largest service providers in North America. One national SkyCreek customer has 100,000+ front-line employees constituting the core of the company’s business model.
Our contact management platform, eContact, captures both structured and unstructured feedback, dynamically adjusts survey sample sizes based on program objectives, and automatically routes detected dissatisfied customers to response teams for resolution. Results are managed in our eTouchPoint customer experience management platform to deliver detailed individual employee and departmental performance analysis, compliance with experience delivery requirements, and areas requiring improvement.


Through SkyCreek’s professional and integration services, we can further drive employee interaction performance data into upstream management systems and operational processes. This offers companies increased visibility into employee performance and accountability.

SkyCreek Advantages

  • Hierarchical management of interaction performance result across divisions, functions, locations, management levels and by individual employee
  • Individual employee performance trending, comparisons and coaching capabilities
  • Integrated unstructured customer verbatims into employee interaction surveys
  • Dynamic timing of employee surveys to collect statistically valid sampling of different measurement points post-interaction
  • Contact scalability to squeeze required volumes of interaction surveys into the highest probability contact windows (if post interaction)
  • Customizable, in-call CSR transfer and post-call delivery options
  • Professional-grade voice talent and cutting-edge text-to-speech calling options
  • Integrated multi-language IVR support
  • Fully-redundant, SSAE-16 hosting infrastructure with data centers in Reston, Chicago, Dallas and San Diego
  • Dedicated account management to fine tune quality, timing, delivery, channel selection, and other variables critical to success

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