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Order VerificationsGoal: Minimize Costs of Incorrect Order Fulfillment

SkyCreek’s custom multi-channel (IVR, Email, Text) order verification solutions that integrate customer order verification into complex order fulfillment and provisioning processes to contain cost, boost customer satisfaction, and better utilize resources.

Why Care?

Delivering the wrong products and services to customers has a huge negative impact on financial performance and brand reputation. Even companies with advanced order and fulfillment management processes can experience significant profitability drains and diminished customer satisfaction due to order inaccuracies.

Today’s service providers can close the loop by introducing advanced, multi-channel (IVR, Email, Text) order verification touch points into their existing order and fulfillment processes.

These solutions can:

  • Decrease inbound support calls
  • Ensure timely, accurate billing
  • Cut restocking and rescheduling costs

In a world where a single wrong order can have far-reaching financial and brand loyalty impacts, adding professional quality customer contact to verify and correct orders is essential. Order verification offers a multi-tiered return in cost containment and service quality—even if only applied to known order fallout.
Relying on manual efforts to process order fallout and to correct order issues after the fact is inefficient and causes customer dissatisfaction. Moreover, this ineffective approach does nothing to prevent downstream billing, inventory, and customer support cost.

Key Points

  • Order inaccuracies drain customer satisfaction, diminish profitability and drive up customer support costs
  • Manually resolving order fallout does not reduce the long-term impact on billing, inventory, and service costs
  • SkyCreek’s order verification solutions verify over 15 million service orders annually

Order Verification

SkyCreek customizes our customer order verification solutions to your specific operational model. We utilize our advanced contact management technologies to maximize customer reach rates, elevate interaction quality, and optimize cost containment performance. SkyCreek currently verifies over 15 million service orders annually for some of the largest service providers in North America. We also have a successful 10+ year track record with one Fortune 50 company.


Our contact management platform, eContact, dynamically contacts customers based on detected order issues and leverages customer contact histories and channel preferences to assure the highest probability response rates. Also, eContact uses phone number data to redirect any inbound customer support calls related to order verifications to automated message to complete the process and prevents unavoidable call center interactions.

SkyCreek Advantages

  • Customized, multi-channel customer order verification contact across IVR, SMS, and email channels
  • Real-time order triggers and service fulfillment comparisons to detect potential order issues
  • Custom integration with back-end provisioning, billing, inventory and other systems
  • Dynamic, multi-channel contact and message sequencing based on customer order status
  • Contact scalability to squeeze required volumes of customer contact into the highest probability contact windows
  • Advanced voicemail detection capabilities to assure proper message delivery on answering services
  • English translation of errors to simply human analysis of potential issues
  • Customizable, in-call CSR transfer and inbound call capture capabilities
  • Management of customer preferences to utilize best reminder contact channels by individual
  • Integrated multi-language IVR support
  • Geographic IVR calling distribution
  • Professional-grade voice talent and cutting-edge text-to-speech calling options
  • Fully-redundant, SSAE-16 hosting infrastructure with data centers in Reston, Chicago, Dallas and San Diego
  • Dedicated account management to fine tune quality, timing, delivery, channel selection, and other variables critical to success

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