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New Jersey Resources
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SkyCreek’s eContact solution helps finance providers improve customer satisfaction through streamlined operations and transparent communications. By reducing churn and containing costs, SkyCreek’s financial clients are able to reinvest their resources into growth and service expansion.

How does SkyCreek’s eContact solution create an outstanding customer experience in financial services?

  • Improved experience management organization-wide and among regional, branch, and individual levels.
  • Clarity in customer concerns and employee performance issues.
  • Insights into positive, service-enhancing behaviors for measurement and implementation.

SkyCreek’s eContact solution is built for finance industry success:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Multi-channel communications strategies
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

SkyCreek’s eContact platform is the all-in-one, integrated solution that allows you to design and deploy campaigns (Campaign Manager), tailor and craft communications (Content Designer), gather customer input (Surveys) and measure and track performance and customer feedback (Analytics).

Our customer experience platform gives financial services companies the ability to scale and streamline communications. The result is personalized interactions that drive brand loyalty, while gaining operational efficiency and reducing costs.

How did a global tax preparation company meet the challenges associated with tax season’s substantial increase in customer demand? With a customer experience platform that benefited employees – and customers – year-round.

● Created automated customer status updates to reduce the burden on the customer service team

● Utilized a multi-channel approach to manage customer communications during high-volume periods

● Provided appointment and missed appointment reminders to customers

● Implemented a customized customer satisfaction survey

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