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Appointment RemindersPrevent All Avoidable Missed Appointments

SkyCreek’s custom multi-channel (IVR, Email, Text) appointment reminder solutions suppress significant waste in appointment-centric resources. Our solutions combine advanced techniques and expert design to maximize customer reach rates and integrate real-time confirmation statuses into workforce and appointment management processes.

Why Care?

For service businesses, schedule accuracy and resource utilization are key financial performance drivers. These factors also directly affect customers’ perceptions of the brand and its value. Customers who miss appointments, arrive late, or lack critical information upon arrival tax front-line support staff and increase cost—creating challenges in serving other customers.

Upgrading to more dynamic, intelligent and technologically advanced appointment reminder processes can deliver significant ROI, by:

  • Reducing operational waste
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Lowering downstream support costs
  • Eliminating virtually all “avoidable” missed customer appointments

This, along with real-time integration Workforce Management (WFM) systems, provides the path to shorter appointment windows, differentiated service quality, and increased services profitability.

To achieve these gains, service providers must move beyond out-of-the-box, single-channel, generically designed, and sparsely managed appointment reminder solutions.

Key Points

  • Field service providers can boost resource utilization via advanced appointment reminders
  • Intelligent appointment reminders can deliver significant savings and preventing waste and support cost
  • SkyCreek’s solutions can systematically eliminate nearly all avoidable missed customer appointments

SkyCreek Appointment Reminder Solutions

SkyCreek appointment reminders take over where in-house and generic solutions max out. They drive daily appointment and dispatch decisions at some of the largest service providers in North America on a nation-wide scale.


Our contact management platform, eContact, continually analyzes contact performance to determine the best times, the best approaches, and preferred methods to reach customers and capture their appointment status—further optimizing results as the program progresses.
We maintain real-time API integrations with Arris and Ventyx WFM Systems. Additionally, we offer the most sophisticated voicemail detection capabilities of any IVR vendor, support any customized reporting requirement, and provide innovative web-based tools for coordinating manual follow-up and in-jeopardy based customer contact.

SkyCreek Advantages

  • Customized, multi-channel appointment reminders across IVR, SMS, and email
  • Dynamic, multi-channel contact and message sequencing based on customer’s current appointment confirmation status
  • Advanced voicemail detection capabilities to assure proper message delivery on answering services
  • Customizable, in-call CSR transfer and post-call delivery options
  • Contact scalability to squeeze required volumes of appointment contact into the highest probability contact windows
  • Contact throttling to adjust contact efforts to levels of available call center resources dynamically
  • Real-time integration with Arris and Ventyx WFM systems
  • Management of customer preferences to utilize best reminder contact channels by individual
  • Integrated multi-language IVR support
  • Geographic IVR calling distribution
  • Professional-grade voice talent and cutting-edge text-to-speech calling options
  • Fully-redundant, SSAE-16 hosting infrastructure with data centers in Reston, Chicago, Dallas and San Diego
  • Dedicated account management to fine tune quality, timing, delivery, channel selection, and other variables critical to success

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