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Customer Transcriptions

Many organizations have basic processes for collecting customer feedback via automated surveys. However, enterprises who aim to be customer experience leaders must implement unstructured customer feedback opportunities and capture the detailed insights they can offer. Simply capturing customer input is not enough. Companies need detailed, highly accurate, human-processed transcriptions of customer responses to open-ended questions to distill the full truth of how the business is performing.

SkyCreek offers native American, human-processed customer transcription services. Through this service, we provide companies the full text of customer sentiment surveys to use for customer dissatisfaction resolution and ongoing process improvements. In addition, we amplify every transcription with in-depth analysis of subtle communications nuances—such as word choice and voice inflection—by human sentiment analysis experts. This allows companies to identify the true strengths and weaknesses of their customer experience program, so that they can evolve their customer-facing operations to perform better.

Key Points

  • Companies must collect unstructured customer feedback to gain true insight into the effectiveness of their customer service activities.
  • Transcriptions of customer contact surveys should contain text of customer responses plus detailed sentiment analysis of subtle communications nuances for accurate interpretation
  • SkyCreek uses only native American transcribers to deliver highly accurate and immediately actionable customer transcription services

SkyCreek Customer Transcription Services

SkyCreek knows that customer service responses are helpful—but insight into the meaning behind spoken words offers much more power and value. We believe that transcriptions solutions which rely on text-to-speech conversion limit the level of insights they can produce and delay action on truly dissatisfied customers. Our services feature human experts who assess communications subtleties—such as voice tone, word choice, and more—to discern the meaning infused in every word.At SkyCreek, we have a passion for helping companies improve their customer communications and deliver quality front-line interactions with customers. For over 20 years, SkyCreek has been leaders and innovators in the specialized field of customer contact management. We have continually kept pace with contact management best practices and designed solutions and services that meet company’s evolving needs. Our customer transcriptions service builds extends our sentiment surveys to offer our customers’ actionable insights which can empower new levels of customer experience excellence.

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