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SkyCreek eTouchPointFront-Line Customer Experience Management Platform

eTouchPoint currently collects, processes and reports millions of customer satisfaction, voice-of-the-customer, and post-interaction employee feedback surveys per month for several Fortune 500 service providers. Some of our key features include:


Multi-Channel Survey Collection

Cost effectively multiply survey data collection efforts across integrated and coordinated IVR, SMS, and email survey methodologies.


Hierarchical Survey Performance

Organize survey data and analyze performance according to your org chart to increase precision of experience management improvements.


Verbatim Customer Feedback

Understand the true voice of your customers though open-ended customer feedback that provides nuanced details and insights into perceptions of your brand, products, services and/or individual employee interactions.


Real-Time Dissatisfaction Alerting

Instantly detect unhappy and dissatisfied customers and route them appropriately to internal customer care and service teams for follow-up and churn prevention.


Employee Experience Performance

Expand customer satisfaction and experience measurement down to the individual employee level and increase employee accountability and adherence to customer experience objectives.


Employee Interaction Coaching

Track individual employee interaction performance and detail individual coaching improvement plans to increase consistency, performance and delivered customer experiences.

SkyCreek Solution Features


Custom CEM Metrics & NPS

Develop custom metrics and views of your front-line customer operations and combine with traditional satisfaction measurement to take your CEM program to the level.


Industry Hardened Technology

Innovative multi-channel survey and feedback management technologies hardened over 10+ years of front-line CEM program management at nation-wide, Fortune 500 service providers.

Redundant & Scalable Infrastructure

eTouchPoint solutions are deployed on our 100% scalable, fully-redundant, and geographically-distributed SSAE-16 hosting platform, offering a multitude of cost-effective options for multi-channel survey data collection, processing and reporting.


Custom Solutions & Integration

SkyCreek offers an established reputation for developing fully customized customer survey programs, feedback capture techniques, survey design and measurement methodologies and tying them to strategic business objectives. Our expert team of seasoned CEM professionals and professional services teams routinely integrate back-end systems, develop custom reporting views and deliver custom survey and feedback management solutions.

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