Design Consistency

Design consistency

Adapt communications within the same template to always adhere to your brand style and guidelines.

Personalized acknowledgment

Personalized acknowledgment

Input language preference and relevant customer information (such as first name, last name, previous interactions, their relationship to your product/service) to tailor your interactions.

Engaging tone

Engaging tone

Transform flow editors to engage customers with helpful SMS conversations, voicemail messages, and more.

Ultimate flexibility

Ultimate flexibility

Integrated into your existing workflow, Content Designer positions you to make quick and easy alterations through versioning management.

Click, drag, and drop.
Our Content Designer makes it easy.


Connect the dots to create custom IVR campaigns

Simulate calls from designer to device and adjust dynamic content to tailor to each customer.


Craft unique emails with the drag of your mouse

Drag-and drop design makes it easy to customize templates for different devices, browsers, and clients

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Key Features:

COMMON across all

  • Multi-language support
  • Embed shortened URL for hosted landing pages or external pages
  • Powerful scripting for formatting data, conditional logic and looping
  • Ability to handle simple data or complex data in xml or json format
  • Embed survey and landing page links


  • Intuitive flow designer
  • Simulation mode for send/call from designer
  • Expression builder to alter flow based on incoming data or data captured in calls
  • Webhook integration for external data hookup while in call
  • Ability to hookup custom logic or data builder with backend integration to client systems or webhooks
  • TTS (Text-to-speech using AWS Polly)
  • AMD (Answering Machine Detection)
  • Single or dual channel call recording
  • ASR (Speech recognition)
  • Automated transcription capability


  • Responsive template designPreview templates and send test emails
  • Fast base layout changes in bulk
  • Capability to display mobile or desktop specific design
  • Multi-language support in pre-built language specific template or with auto-translation
  • View email in browser link
  • Embed shortened url
  • Open-and-click tracking
  • Images hosted in CDN for faster delivery


  • SMS/MMS support
  • Message blast or conversational with menus using flow designer
  • Webhook integration for flows
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