Operational Reporting Dashboard

Operational Reporting

Measure the success of campaigns and gain insight into:

  • Process clarity and the customer journey
  • Communications variables affecting the customer experience
  • Metrics to improve campaign performance

Analytical Reporting

Utilize SkyCreek surveys to attain customer feedback and measure service, including:

  • Representative/technician performance
  • Verbatim customer feedback
  • Contact history interactions and outcomes
Analytics Reporting Dashboard
Consumer Search

Consumer Search

Explore the customer journey and examine all touchpoints with your company, including:

  • IVR, SMS, and email conversations
  • Customer team interactions
  • Engagement with products/services

Key Features:

  • SMS metrics including delivered, bounced rates and click tracking for embedded
  • IVR metrics including human vs voice mail and transfer rates
  • Email metrics including delivered, bounced, open and click rates
  • Detailed communication activity data and ability to view email sent, SMS conversation or listen to IVR recording for outbound
  • Campaign type based response reports, such as cancel or confirm rates for appointment reminders, and completion rates for survey
  • Detailed journey report across campaigns searchable by contact ID, customer ID, or account number with capability to view content delivered
  • Advanced survey analytical capability
  • Save and reuse report query criteria
  • Schedule reports
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