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Telecom & Cable

Large-scale telecom and cable service providers have busy customer care and acquisition operations and complex, distributed field service operations. These companies face continual pressure to exceed high customer service expectations while keeping costs in check. Having precise contact processes can empower telecom and cable companies to deliver effective, well-timed, customer-friendly service notifications across multiple channels, including IVR, SMS, and email. This approach can lead to streamlined dispatch and service operations, fewer in bound calls, reduced waste and cost, and greater customer satisfaction.

At SkyCreek, we have been at the forefront of customer contact management for over two decades. In fact, we developed and deployed one of the first IVR systems for one of the major Bell companies. Since that time, we have employed our expertise to automate customer contact operations for some of the largest telecom and cable service providers in North America. We understand unique challenges facing the telecom and cable industries and build our deep industry and technical expertise into every custom solution we deploy.

Delivering Improved Customer Experiences in Today’s Telecom and Cable Industries

Customers may engage with several front-line employees when placing an order or seeking telecom or cable services. In most cases, a customer service representative or support technician fields an initial customer request. A service technician may need to visit a customer’s home or workplace to perform installs or repairs. Consequently, creating contact management processes to dispatch service technicians with precision to eliminate avoidable truck rolls is a must for every telecom and cable company. In addition, Telecom and companies have tremendous opportunities to use customer contact management technologies to implement and measure front-line contact experience protocols. They can assess customer performance at an organization-wide or an individual employee level to identify improvements and immediately correct any negative customer experiences.At each contact, companies have an opportunity to make a distinct, positive impression on customers. They can apply advanced technologies to discern best times to reach out or select contact channels based on customer preferences, and/or prior channel performance. Plus, companies can deliver pre-emptive messages to alert companies to outages, weather events, or other service-affecting issues. This can sharply cut avoidable inbound calls and save associate costs. Companies can also solicit customer input to time dispatches and reduce avoidable truck rolls. In addition, companies can implement structured and open-ended surveys to secure immediate feedback from customers following each interaction. This helps companies gauge customer service quality at macro or individual employee levels and take steps to deliver improved customer experiences anywhere in the organization.

Key Points

  • Telecom and cable service providers need to deliver a consistent customer experience across varied automated and personal contacts and several departments, including customer care, customer acquisition, and field service.
  • Telecom and cable companies must have strong customer contact processes to drive precise dispatch operation and prevent waste and cost of avoidable truck rolls.
  • SkyCreek has 20+ years of industry-specific experience and has optimized customer contact operations for major North American service providers.

SkyCreek: Advanced Customer Contact Solutions for the Telecom and Cable Industries

SkyCreek builds on our 20+years of industry-specific expertise to offer comprehensive solutions to optimize telecom and cable customer contact and dispatch operations. Our solution set includes:

  • Appointment Reminders – remind customers about upcoming appointments to drive waste out of dispatch operations
  • Pre-Dispatch Confirm/Cancels – introduce appointment confirm and cancel options to make real-time dispatch schedule adjustments
  • Preemptive Service Notifications – inform customers about pending service impacting changes or issues to prevent avoidable inbound support calls
  • Post-Interaction Employee Surveys – secure customer feedback after every interaction with front-line employees and systematically improve experience performance and accountability
  • Order Verifications – achieve customer input to validate orders and prevent errors from affecting billing and customer support
  • Compliance Verifications – engage customers in business processes to confirm order fulfillment, repair completion, etc.
  • Sentiment Surveys – capture open-ended customer feedback to discern the true meaning behind customers’ words
  • Employee Contact Compliance – define and enforce consistent employee experience standards for both proactive and follow-up customer contacts to differentiate your brand
  • Custom Multi-Channel Solutions – engage SkyCreek professional service team to implement a solution customized to meet specific business requirements

Our technologically-advanced solutions helped one service provider eliminate 1,000 routes per day at a regional level, and tens of thousands of routes per day at a national level.

SkyCreek’s dedicated account management model ensures effective solution implementation and refinement over time as business needs evolve. We offer competitive pricing and options for performance-based pricing to our telecom and cable customers.

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