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Today’s government organizations must deliver greater transparency and improved citizen service. This new reality has heightened demands on existing citizen service teams and increased the need for advanced customer contact management technologies in government functions. By adding more precision contact management capabilities, government organizations can deliver more effective, timely and pertinent information to citizens participating in government services. Plus, governments can offer citizens meaningful opportunities to provide feedback via structured and unstructured surveys delivered across multiple channels, including IVR, SMS, and email.

SkyCreek brings over two decades of contact management leadership to serve the evolving needs of today’s government operations. We help government organizations at local, state, and Federal levels Implement contact management programs to support delivery of excellent citizen service and to suppress significant support cost from front-line functions. Our solutions combine advanced technology and best practices insight, with a professional services delivery model—which means we can map our solution to suit each agency’s unique business needs and operational requirements. We collaborate with each agency to design, implement, and support the right solution. In addition, we provide each government customer a dedicated, named account manager to support the performance of the solution, develop best practice improvements to processes, and assure that programs stay within budgets while delivering the best possible citizen service.

Delivering Improved Customer Experiences in Today’s Government

Some in-person contact between government front-line employees and citizen does occur at service centers. However, much of today’s front-line employee and citizen contact occurs via phone, email, and web. To meet today’s citizen service demands, government agencies must deliver consistent, positive engagement across all touch points—including personalized and automated contacts.

Government agencies need strong employee contact compliance programs to establish and measure all front-line employee communications with citizens. In addition, governments require automated delivery of both structured and unstructured surveys to solicit citizen feedback after every contact. Using survey data, governments can identify best practices to evolve citizen service programs. Agencies can also immediately detect negative citizen sentiment and take corrective steps.

Moreover, governments should implement order verification technologies to ensure the accuracy of citizen service requests and cut costs associated with error identification. Multi-channel appointment reminder technologies can alert citizens to upcoming appointments or due dates.

Key Points

  • Government organizations must meet heightened demands for operational transparency and citizen service
  • Advanced contact management technology gives governments opportunities for citizen engagement and solicitation of high-value feedback
  • SkyCreek brings over 20 years of best practices leadership in automated contact management solutions to help government organizations meet pressing citizen service mandates

SkyCreek: Advanced Customer Contact Solutions for Government

SkyCreek builds our 20+ years of deep contact management in to every custom solution we implement for government agencies. Our solution set includes:

  • Citizen Appointment Reminders – alert citizens to critical appointments and/or upcoming due dates
  • Preemptive Notifications – notify citizens about any potential service-impacting issues or changes to lower call processing volumes for citizen service teams
  • Post-Interaction Employee Surveys – give citizens a voice with automated, multi-channel surveys to measure every interaction with front-line employees and increase experience performance and accountability
  • Order Verifications – validiate citizen service requests to ensure accuracy prior to processing by government employees and eliminated costs associated with error identification and rework
  • Citizen Compliance Verifications – engage citizens in key operational processes to validate service processing, issue resolution, etc.
  • Citizen Sentiment Surveys – gather open-ended feedback for accurate, human interpretation to identify the true meaning infused in citizen comments
  • Employee Contact Compliance–establish and measure citizen contact protocols for front-line employees to achieve consistent citizen experiences
  • Custom Multi-Channel Contact Solutions – collaborate with SkyCreek’s professional contact management experts to deploy a custom solution to support the agency’s mission

At SkyCreek, we provide each government customer with a dedicated account manager to ensure that the implemented contact management solution maps directly to agency goals. Our 95+% customer retention rate is a testament to both our subject matter expertise and our deep devotion to customer service. We offer competitive pricing and a unique pay-for-performance business model to ensure government agencies can attain the results they need while meeting budget parameters.

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