Design and build

Create engaging customer experience surveys tailored to encourage feedback. With SkyCreek’s Content Designer, you can craft your own questions or use SkyCreek’s library of questions, response options, and scoring criteria.

Engaging tone

Collect and learn

Send your satisfaction survey to targeted customers through email/web, SMS, kiosks/tablets, IVR, or custom integrations. SkyCreek Surveys alerts team members in real-time so they can respond to customer concerns.

Analyze and refine

Satisfaction survey dashboards and reports highlight the most pressing themes and customer sentiments enabling everyone from the CEO to frontline employees to gather meaningful insights and take action.


By linking robust dashboards and employee-specific reporting, text analytics, and closed loop alerting features with the industry’s best data collection platform, SkyCreek Surveys offers companies a comprehensive platform for connecting with customers, engaging employees, and improving performance.


Tools for Success

  • FEEDBACK COLLECTION: Monitor every customer touchpoint and achieve higher response rates through customer channel preference, engaging surveys, and real-time follow-up.
  • TEXT ANALYTICS: Transform open-ended feedback into actionable insights. eContact transcription services identifies customer sentiments and themes.
  • CLOSED LOOP ALERTING: Identify systemic service issues, limit damaging reviews and social media complaints, and reduce churn through real-time customer dissatisfaction alerts to promote actionable intervention and opportunities to improve employee performance.

Key Features:

  • Configurable question types and response options
  • Library of SkyCreek developed questions, response options, and survey templates
  • Custom survey logic and branching
  • Personalize invitation and reminder messages and satisfaction survey templates
  • Configurable multimodal contact strategies
  • Ability to auto-send reminders and retries
  • Open and click-through tracking
  • Configurable scoring criteria
  • Daily survey results, alerts, and comments reports
  • Weekly survey summaries
  • Monthly coaching scorecards
  • Robust reporting platform
  • Configurable scoring criteria and feedback categories (demographics, products, interaction type, etc.)
  • Open-ended customer feedback analysis and reporting
  • Action alert notifications and follow up tracking
  • Multi-language support
  • Full integration with existing systems

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