eContact is SkyCreek’s omnichannel customer experience solution that acts as your company’s all-in-one customer communications co-pilot, from the first interaction to the last satisfaction survey.

Companies can rely on the all-encompassing eContact to ensure customer communications are precise, timely, and personalized. Our omnichannel customer experience solution makes it easy to:

Understand how to reach customers at the right time, with the right message, through the right channel
Gain deeper insight into the customer experience and identify opportunities to improve
Prevent over communication and contact preference errors
Ensure all messages are on brand and follow approved guidelines
Stay updated on real-time metrics and customer feedback
Make data-driven decisions that improve customer perception and empower employees

eContact’s integrated products allow you to quickly design and deploy campaigns (Campaign Manager), tailor and craft communications (Content Designer), measure and track performance (Analytics), and capture feedback and insights (Surveys).

Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager

Tailoring your customer communications is key to brand loyalty. eContact’s Campaign Manager allows you to create personalized customer interactions when you need them, and easy templates when you don’t. With the ability to run communications campaigns automatically or manually, you’re in the driver’s seat.

Content Designer

Create communications that look, feel, and sound like your brand.

eContact’s Content Designer offers a simple drag and drop interface that makes it easy to customize templates for different devices, browsers and clients.

content designer, part of SkyCreek's omnichannel customer experience platform
satisfaction survey


Get the answers you need to make data-driven decisions. eContact’s Survey platform offers companies a comprehensive platform for connecting with customers, engaging employees, and improving performance.


Walk a mile in the customer’s shoes with insightful feedback and data.

eContact’s operational and analytical reporting helps you tap into the customer experience and empowers you to predict shifting customer behaviors and patterns.

analyze campaigns in SkyCreek's omnichannel customer experience platform


Integrate our solution into your existing systems and workflows.

eContact’s flexible solutions work in sync with your current billing and CRM systems, as well as workforce, data ingestion and alerting platforms. With dozens of integrations available, you’ll be able to operate efficiently to improve both customer and employee satisfaction.

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