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Welcome to the SkyCreek Blog

Posted by October 27th, 2014

At SkyCreek, improving the customer experience has been our core business for more than two decades. We have the innovative technologies and expert team to design, implement, and support an automated customer communication and experience management program of any scope or scale for the many companies who need to have brand-affirming customer touch points on a daily basis.

SkyCreek is a multi-channel (IVR, Email, SMS) customer communications service provider specializing in high-volume, high-quality, professionally-managed automated customer contact and experience management solutions.

With dedicated account managers averaging over 15 years of experience, we help national-footprint service providers optimize their front-line customer interactions by engineering more precise, higher-quality, and more dynamic customer contact processes to:

  • Prevent customer support costs and service dissatisfaction issues
  • Suppress waste and the cost of underutilized and underperforming field and support resources
  • Provide more consistent, brand-affirming customer interaction experiences across product-lines, operations and support processes, and geographic markets

Much of our technology works behind the scenes: making pre-appointment reminder calls to your customers, alerting customers to potential service disruptions, gaining customer experience insights via post-interaction surveys, and much more. However, the work we do and the technologies we provide make the all-important responsibility of delivering true customer service excellence so much easier. We can help your front-line employees do their jobs better, which translates to happier and more loyal customers—and greater profitability too.

We know the work that we do is important. Consider these compelling statistics:

We have the technologies and know-how you need to build a next-generation customer experience management program. We can help you grow a base of loyal customers who receive the proactive, consistent treatment and prompt issue resolution they expect and deserve. If you want to provide the quality front-line contact experiences that set you apart from the competition, SkyCreek is your partner of choice.

As a company, we’ve earned an exceptional reputation as a flexible corporate partner who keeps customer needs at the forefront. We are one of the only companies in our industry who maintains a dedicated account management model. With that approach, our customer have a single SkyCreek point of contact to call on when it’s time to define process improvements, revise contact policies, or troubleshoot communications roadblocks.

That person is more than just someone who answers the phone. He or she is a contact management expert with industry-specific experience, backed up by a team of innovators and thought leaders.

We know our own customer communications are top-notch, but we know we can improve our outreach practices too. That’s why we decided to launch a blog. It is time for us to share our expertise not only with those who know us, but with anyone seeking advanced front-line contact management insights to improve customer experience practices.

In this space, we are creating a forum to deliver our best practices expertise in front-line contact programs and customer experience management. We will give you insights on the most compelling customer experience challenges today’s companies face—and share stories about how SkyCreek solutions are solving those exact problems.

Watch this space for updates, news, and insights from pioneers and innovators in customer contact management. Engage in dialog with our team and your peers to create a community of practitioners focused on taking front-line customer experience excellence to new heights.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you and gaining ideas from you. Welcome to our blog and our community.