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Follow-Up Contact ComplianceEnforce Employee Customer Contact Compliance & Increase Experience Accountability

SkyCreek’s innovative multi-channel (IVR, email, text) employee-customer contact compliance solutions facilitate, measure, and enforce employee follow-ups, check-ins, and other brand-affirming customer contact and across a nation-wide service footprint.

Why Care?

Cost of new customer acquisition greatly outpaces that of saving existing “at-risk” customers. To keep customers from defecting, companies must ensure that contact from front-line employees to your customers is pertinent and timely. Companies leading the next generation of service quality understand that focusing on personal interactions can yield dramatic impacts. They are designing innovative, brand-affirming employee-customer touch points for enhanced service differentiation

To realize the benefits of these “high-touch” interactions, companies must centrally coordinate contact efforts to:

  • Simplify contact process for employees
  • Validate the quality and consistency of every customer interaction
  • Create opportunities to coach and incentivize customer-facing employees
  • Enhance brand perception
  • Address customer dissatisfaction promptly and proactively

To achieve these goals, companies need solutions with built-in contact compliance management features. These powerful solutions empower companies to improve customer experiences and stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

Key Points

  • Adding employee follow-up contact strategies can produce tremendous uplift in your brand’s perception and value
  • Service providers can further differentiate service quality while increasing employee accountability for the experience provide to the customer
  • SkyCreek’s follow-up contact compliance solutions measure, trend, and certify performance for national-footprint operations

Follow-up Contact Compliance

SkyCreek employee contact compliance solutions solve the last mile of customer experience and care management objectives. Our solutions provide standardized employee contact interfaces for connecting with customers, measuring compliance and interaction performance, and advancing service quality and front-line customer experience initiatives. SkyCreek pioneered the concept of employee contact compliance in conjunction with a major Fortune 50 cable service provider who deployed the solution across a large portion of their nation-wide service operation to differentiate service and prevent inbound support calls.


Our contact management platform, eContact, centrally coordinates, facilitates, and measures employee contact and presents consistent voicemail and caller ID branding to customers to increase answer rates. In addition, eContact provides contact queue, message guidance, and performance coaching to simplify and improve employee adherence. Through SkyCreek’s professional integration services we can integrate employee contact compliance data into upstream management systems and provide customizable reporting options.

SkyCreek Advantages

  • IVR, mobile app, mobile web employee contact interfaces—no device outfitting required
  • Multiple layer compliance management and performance thresholds
  • Employee contact and experience performance benchmarking, alerting and coaching
  • Hierarchical reporting of employee contact compliance, communication requirements and resulting customer feedback scores
  • Contact throttling to adjust contact efforts to levels of available call center resources dynamically
  • Integration with workforce, customer and appointment management systems
  • Customizable CNAM caller ID presentation to customers to increase answer and reach rates
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  • Dedicated account management to fine tune quality, timing, delivery, channel selection, and other variables critical to success
  • Fully-redundant, SSAE-16 hosting infrastructure with data centers in Reston, Chicago, Dallas and San Diego

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