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Customer Complaince VerificationsPrevent the Cost of Customer Non-Compliance

SkyCreek’s custom multi-channel (IVR, email, text) customer verification solutions measure and promote customer adherence to service requirements, operational policies, and even performance objectives—allowing service providers to prevent the costs associated with customer non-compliance.

Why Care?

By integrating customer verification and management into operational processes, service providers can identify non-compliant customers early in the cycle and prevent small issues from turning into large ones. Advanced verification technologies also empower companies to boost operational efficiency and lower costs by:

  • Verifying order accuracy
  • Confirming service activations
  • Measuring product usage
  • Closing out support tickets
  • Satisfying pre-and-post service requirements

Adding customer compliance checks to front-line customer operations communications creates more predictable, proactive, and productive experiences for customers. With advanced contact management technologies, service providers can more effectively triage customer deviations, centralize resolution efforts, and automate downstream decision-making to prevent additional cost.

Key Points

  • Customer verification contacts can streamline processes and cut downstream support costs
  • Engaging customers throughout key operational processes can improve overall service quality
  • SkyCreek’s multi-channel customer verification solutions can accommodate any customer compliance requirement

Customer Compliance Verifications

SkyCreek’s customer verification solutions empower service providers to integrate the customer into operational cost containment objectives by providing custom approach to measuring customer adherence to regulations, requirements, and terms of service. We have developed custom customer verification processes for several large, nation-wide service providers to capture everything from “service-no-longer-needed” confirmations for repair providers to capturing data from remote customer equipment to gauge performance and variances against set customer service plans.


Our contact management platform, eContact, dynamically contacts customers based on pre-defined event trigger conditions, intelligently leverages contact preferences and past contact histories to maximize connect rates, and can manage complex interactivity with the customer to attain required input to direct downstream operations.
SkyCreek can also route any detected non-compliant customers to centralized response teams to support the customer. Our solutions also dynamically throttle customer contacts according to the amount of support resources on hand to optimize their workloads.

SkyCreek Advantages

  • Customized, multi-channel customer verification contact across IVR, SMS, and email channels
  • Integration with back-end billing, workforce management, and customer management systems
  • Custom alerting, non-compliance workflow and reporting capabilities
  • Contact throttling to dynamically adjust contact efforts to levels of available call center resources
  • Contact scalability to squeeze required volumes of customer contact into the highest probability contact windows
  • Customizable, in-call CSR transfer and inbound call capture capabilities
  • Management of customer preferences to utilize best reminder contact channels by individual
  • Integrated multi-language IVR support
  • Geographic IVR calling distribution
  • Professional-grade voice talent and cutting-edge text-to-speech calling options
  • Fully-redundant, SSAE-16 hosting infrastructure with data centers in Reston, Chicago, Dallas and San Diego
  • Dedicated account management to fine tune quality, timing, delivery, channel selection, and other variables critical to success

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