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Solution OverviewSkyCreek supports customers with following solutions:

SkyCreek couples our 20+ years of customer contact management experience with deep industry-specific expertise. This powerful combination lets us deliver customized solutions for regional and national providers of customer services in many competitive industries.

Appointment Reminders Prevent All Avoidable Missed Appointments

Cut costs by eliminating avoidable missed appointments. Standup higher-quality, more dynamic, more individualized reminder processes to minimize resource waste. Redefine cost-containment possibilities while reducing overall contact cost.

Pre-Dispatch Confirms and Cancels Eliminate Dispatch Waste to Shorten Appointment Windows

Integrate up-to-the-minute confirmation statuses of customer appointments into workforce management processes. Dispatch with greater precision and dynamically route field resources. Add sophistication to dispatch functions and further tighten appointment windows and differentiate service quality.

Preemptive Service Notifications Minimize Downstream Customer Support Costs

Differentiate service quality and prevent inbound customer support calls with integrated customer notifications. Proactively alert customers to outages, closings, delays, and/or other service-impacting events. Improve customer satisfaction and prevent inbound support cost.

Post-Interaction Employee Performance Surveys Certify the Quality & Consistency of Front-Line Customer Experiences

Detect customer dissatisfaction immediately after direct front-line customer-employee interactions. Route dissatisfieds to response teams for resolution to prevent churn and negative sentiments going viral. Certify employee experience performance to increase the quality and consistency of customer experiences and to make front-line employees directly accountable for upholding brand standards.

Order Verifications Minimize Costs of Incorrect Order Fulfillment

Drive down operating waste by adding customer order verifications. Accurately deploy the right products, services, equipment, and personnel to fulfill customer orders. Implement for order fallout or as a standard process on all orders to cut both direct and indirect costs.

Customer Compliance Verifications Prevent the Cost of Customer Non-Compliance

Implement advanced customer contact strategies to measure customer compliance with operational requirements and processes. Reduce administrative and customer support costs stemming from non-compliant customers and increase operational efficiency. Achieve new levels of performance and cost containment.

Sentiment Surveys & Analysis Understand the True Feelings of the Customer

Add unstructured customer feedback to CEM processes to deepen customer insight. Capture detailed nuances of customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction to identify actionable service improvements and prevent churn. Implement alongside existing contact processes to uncover new customer truths.

Follow-up Contact Compliance Enforce Employee Customer Contact Compliance & Increase Experience Accountability

Design and enforce customer follow-up contact requirements across a national footprint. Measure, trend, and incentivize individual front-line employee performance. Simplify employee adherence by standardizing customer contact rules and customizing contact sequencing.

Custom Multi-Channel Solutions

Provide the expertise, advanced technologies and custom support to innovate new customer contact and survey programs. SkyCreek designs, develops and manages advanced, multi-channel (IVR, email, text) customer contact capabilities that provide a budget-sensitive solution to achieving any customer interaction or communication objective.

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