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SkyCreek eContactFront-Line Customer Contact Management Platform

eContact currently facilitates millions of dynamic, intelligently timed and cost-suppressing multi-channel (IVR, SMS, Email) customer contacts per month for some of the largest, Fortune 500 contact operations in North America. Some of our key features include:

Integrated Multi-Channel Contact Capabilities

Utilize tightly integrated IVR, email, and SMS text message capabilities to work in concert to deliver the right contact, over the right channel, to the right customer, at the right time.


Dynamic Contact Windows

Dynamically ratchet up the volume of automated customer contacts to deliver within the highest probability contact windows to further maximize customer contact and action rates.


Resource Driven Contact Allocation

Align outbound customer contact volumes to the level of customer support resources on hand, based on historical transfer rates and underlying service conditions.


Personalized Contact Strategies

Incorporate individual channel preferences, customer status, and other customer variables to personalize the timing, message content, and frequency of customer contact attempts.

Contact History Integration

Leverage past contact history, missed appointment data, and other key operational variables to dynamic adjustment contact strategies, message content, and downstream contact processing.

Advanced IVR Voicemail Detection

Institute highly-accurate voicemail detection capabilities into contact programs to detect nearly any answering service and dynamically adjust content and message starts to optimize message delivery.


Custom In-Call Transfer Options

Incorporate in-call transfer options to route customers to specific service representatives or to dynamically prioritize them in support call queues.


Integrated Multi-Language IVR Support

Adjust message content dynamically to accommodate the growing multitude of language diversity representative in today’s service provider markets.

SkyCreek Solution Features


Industry Hardened Technology

Innovative customer contact management technologies hardened over 20+ years of front-line customer contact program experience in large-scale, nation-wide Fortune 500 service management at nation-wide, Fortune 500 service operations.

Scalable Contact Infrastructure

eContact solutions are deployed on our 100% scalable, fully-redundant, and geographically-distributed SSAE-16 hosting platform capable of handling 50 IVR ports to 5,000 and beyond. We can support it all.

Custom Solutions & Integration Services

SkyCreek offers an established reputation for developing fully customized customer contact solutions. Our expert contact management veterans and services teams routinely integrate contact functions into operational management systems (WFM, Billing, CRM, AMS, etc) and deliver custom, scalable, cost-effective customer contact solutions.

Custom Reporting Solutions

No matter the reporting requirement our full compliment of professional services can produce any view of contact results, integrate it with internal data and metrics and deliver the right reporting interfaces to accommodate the needs of the business.

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