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For many retail operators, providing exceptional customer service is a key differentiator in today’s crowded marketplace. Retail companies can take advantage of advanced customer contact technologies to verify orders, deliver proactive notifications, prevent missed appointments, and solicit actionable customer feedback after every employee-customer interaction. Retail companies need to improve service quality and consistency to fortify and differentiate their brands further by delivering consistent messages across multiple channels—IVR, SMS, and email—and taking immediate actions to remedy negative customer sentiment.

SkyCreek has been on the leading edge of customer contact management technologies for over two decades. We helped pioneer the customer contact industry and currently manage customer contact processes for some of North America’s largest enterprises. We understand that every customer contact makes a deep impact on today’s demanding retail customers. Our comprehensive solutions portfolio is fully-customizable. This means we can adapt all of our technologically-advanced solutions to meet the specific customer need of each retail company.

Key Points

  • Retail and travel companies must focus on delivering high-quality customer service to remain competitive.
  • Customer contact management technologies—such as reminders, automated and sentiment surveys, and order verifications—help retail companies manage customer experiences and decrease operating cost
  • SkyCreek has been a leader in customer contact management for over two decades and tailor our customer contact solutions to the unique requirements of each retail company.

Delivering Improved Customer Experiences in Today’s Retail Industries

Customers may engage with front-line retail employees at storefronts or via communications channels such as phone, web, or email. Contacts range from simple transactions to consultative purchase experiences to remedying issues related to products and services. To customers, a retail or travel business with distributed sites or call centers is truly one business entity. Customers expect that they will receive consistent, positive service at each touch point, regardless of where it is serviced within the company.

Retail companies need to deliver a true “one company” experience to customers. Companies can establish centralized customer experience objectives for every stage of customer engagement—from initial contact through follow-up outreach and issue remediation. Moreover, companies can use structured and unstructured survey’s to measure the effectiveness of every employee-customer interaction and take prompt action to remedy any concerns or resulting dissatisfaction. In today’s connected world, one bad customer experience can lead to a wave of negative sentiment going viral and tarnishing your brand. A strong emphasis on experience compliance backed-up by an automated survey capability can prevent such unwanted scenarios.

Retailers can also take advantage of contact management technologies to develop an even stronger customer experience program. They can use appointment reminders to alert customers to events or promotions. In addition, retailers can deploy order verification to ensure accurate order fulfillment and billing, which decreases returns, support call volumes and cuts all associated costs.

SkyCreek: Advanced Customer Contact Solutions for the Retail Industry

SkyCreek builds on our 20+ years of experience in customer contact management to deliver technologically-advanced and fully-customizable solutions for regional and national retail operators. Our solution set includes:

  • Appointment Reminders – remind customers about upcoming appointments and promotions to maximize resource utilization
  • Preemptive Service Notifications – alert customers to any-service impacting changes or issues to mitigate unwanted inbound customer support calls
  • Post-Interaction Employee Surveys – capture immediate feedback following every interaction between front-line employees and customers to improve experience performance and accountability
  • Order Verifications – secure customer validation of orders to avoid downstream billing or customer service issues
  • Compliance Verifications – secure required customer input in business processes to confirm order fulfillment, service completion, etc.
  • Sentiment Surveys – capture unstructured customer input to understand the true meaning infused in customers’ feedback
  • Employee Contact Compliance – define and enforce consistent employee follow-up and proactive contact with customers to further differentiate service quality
  • Custom Multi-Channel Solutions – collaborate with SkyCreek professional service experts to deploy a custom solution tailored to a company’s precise business needs

Our approach includes a unique blend of technical expertise, industry best practices, professional services, and dedicated account management. We partner with our retail customers to deliver the precise solution set they need in a cost effective package so that they can attain measurable ROI and eliminate capital investment.

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