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Many insurance companies offer multi-faceted product sets to customers across a broad geographic footprint. As a result, insurance providers need advanced customer contact solutions to manage compliance with customer policies while increasing the efficiency of support and claims resolution processes. In addition, customers may interact with local agents and/or call center personnel to address any order or issue, and expect consistent treatment across each interaction. Insurers must implement customer contact processes across multiple channels—including IVR, SMS, and email—to reduce inbound support calls, while reinforcing the value of brand at every customer touch point.

As a pioneer in customer contact management for over two decades, SkyCreek has deep best practices knowledge to serve the complex needs of today’s insurance companies. We have expertise in all types of automated customer contact—from delivering time-sensitive customer reminders to soliciting customer input for verification routines or service feedback. We deliver technologically-advanced and fully-customizable solutions and provide each customer a dedicated, named account manager to support their needs over the long term. This exclusive mix of domain expertise and service dedication makes SkyCreek a premier partner to national-footprint insurance providers.

Delivering Improved Customer Experiences in Today’s Insurance Industry

Customers may connect with their insurer in many ways. They may walk into a local branch for service, or contact a regional or national call center to make policy adjustments or manage claims. When a customer makes a policy claim, several front-line employee interactions—with service representatives, adjusters, financial specialists, and more—can occur. Delivering consistent, positive experience across each touch point can boost customer loyalty and thwart any frustration that may arise from the need to talk to multiple company contacts.

Implementing employee contact compliance is a mandate for today’s insurance providers. Such technologies can ensure front-line employees apply consistent contact protocols across each customer contact. Moreover, insurers need automated surveys to collect on-the-spot feedback to identify and correct any dissatisfaction issues before they filter into social networks. Insurers should also implement brand-affirming order verifications and compliance verifications to engage customer participation in key business processes affecting their overall experience with the brand.

In addition, insurers can institute preemptive notifications to alert customers to policy issues or changes before they take effect. Appointment reminders technologies can notify customers to key upcoming interactions or due dates.

Key Points

  • Insurance companies need to manage complex, front-line employee interactions with customer levels—from local to national.
  • Insurers need to advance customer contact technologies to deliver precise communications and solicit customer input across multiple channels—IVR, SMS, and email.
  • SkyCreek has over 20+ years of best practices leadership in delivering customer contact management for distributed enterprises with large customer bases.

SkyCreek: Advanced Customer Contact Solutions for the Insurance Industry

SkyCreek understands customer contact management and the complex customer communications challenges faced by insurance companies. Our solution set includes:

  • Appointment Reminders – remind customers about upcoming appointments or renewals
  • Preemptive Service Notifications – eliminate unwanted inbound service calls by notifying customer about known service changes or issues before they happen
  • Post-Interaction Employee Surveys – collect valuable customer insight after every interaction with front-line employees and enforce consistent experience consistency
  • Order Verifications – Integrate customer validation steps into existing ordering protocols to double-check order validity and suppress errors prior to fulfillment
  • Compliance Verifications – engage customers to measure compliance in key operational processes from confirming orders, claims status, etc.
  • Sentiment Surveys – capture unstructured customer feedback and evaluate to discern the true voice of the customer
  • Employee Contact Compliance – Certify that employees make required contact with customers and that they consistently deliver quality experiences
  • Custom Multi-Channel Solutions – partner with SkyCreek to implement custom set of solutions solution mapped to a company’s unique business requirements

We offer a technologically-advanced solution portfolio, fully customized to suit each insurance company’s precise business needs. Our professional services and dedicated account management approach ensures each insurance industry customer can implement the right solution and evolve it over time to adapt to changing business requirements. We offer competitive pricing and a pay-per-outcome pricing model to help our insurance customers maximize ROI.

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